8 Tips on Creating a Mental Fitness Schedule

Posted by Imago Relationships North America on July 24, 2019 at 11:11 AM

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8 Tips on Creating a Mental Fitness Schedule - Imago Relationships North America

Mental fitness is about keeping your brain in shape by strengthening and growing daily.  

Here are some areas you can increase your mental fitness in today:

  1. Read more - Pick up a new book, pick up a new magazine and just read. Reading is so beneficial for our mental health and wellness since it uses a part of the brain that increases relaxation. 
  2. Add humor to your life - Give yourself the gift of a good belly laugh. Laughter helps us both physically and mentally. Laughter helps with our stress levels, mood, perspective, pain, energy, and overall relaxation.
  3. Stop all the multitasking - I know this seems like an impossible request. Right? However, focusing on one task at a time will improve your concentration and help you become more productive. I say that's worth it.  
  4. Positivity with yourself first - Seems like an odd request, but take the time to actually put down on paper all of your great qualities. By simply listing your qualities, you'll strengthen the neural pathways to increase self-confidence, well-being, and satisfaction levels.
  5. Memory exercises - Look for options online or go old school and get a board game with memory strategies built in. Regardless of how you do it, begin today on memory exercises and you'll increase the ability to reason and solve new problems. 
  6. Shake it up with a new routine - Try something new and different. Mix it up! Try new foods, routes to drive to work, or even new sports.  Shaking it up will help strengthen your ability to learn new tasks with logic, reasoning, and more.
  7. Play games - Keep your mind sharp and increase your reaction time, attention span, and task-switching ability. You can even work on crossword puzzles, sudoku or enjoy various card games.     
  8. Relaxation/meditation - Meditation can calm your mind and allow you to problem solve more effectively. Visualization can help you with peacefulness through imagery to reduce tension.

Mental fitness works best when it's on your digital or paper calendar, just like you'd calendar a dance class or any physical fitness programs. Be sure to focus on taking care of all of you! Remember, your body and mind truly are connected on this journey.

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