Get More Love in Your Relationship - 6 Tips!

Posted by Imago Relationships North America on February 18, 2020 at 8:03 PM

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Enjoy these six relationship tips to help you and your partner fall back in love again. Or, help you and your partner increase the intensity of the love you already share in your relationship.

We can always have more love in our lives, and it starts with us taking action today! ❤️

Tip #1 - Touch
  • Touch is essential to intimacy in relationships!

  • Human touch is powerful and releases oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”) that increases feelings of love, safety, and connection

  • Be sure to touch each other more this week and in the weeks ahead.  Watch the results!  

Tip #2 - Greetings
  • How you greet your partner makes a world of difference!

  • Make sure your body language speaks the language of love.  Your tone of voice and the look on your face should say to your partner - I love you, I cherish you, and I'm so happy to see you. 

  • Be mindful to lovingly greet your partner when you wake up, come home, go to bed, send a text message, or make a FaceTime call.  

Tip #3 - Appreciations
  • Appreciations matter to your loved ones!  

  • Make a list of your partner’s positive qualities you value and genuinely love.

  • Pick one appreciation and share it with your partner each day.

  • You can share your love for them via text message, love notes in their lunch, voice mail messages, or even better - in person after a long and tiring day.   

Tip #4 - Romance
  • Romance is about the little things in everyday life. 

  • Show up in your relationship, both emotionally and physically.  Being present communicates just how much you love, value, and desire your partner in your life. 

  • Take action!  Send enticing text messages, leave romantic notes on their pillow, send a calendar request for sexy time, or cook their favorite food and serve it to them in bed.   
Tip #5 - Surprises
  • Surprise your partner with something special just for them!   

  • It could be something simple and not expensive.

  • You could suggest binge-watching a Netflix show together they've been dying to see.  Or even rent a documentary or movie they've expressed interest in viewing.  

  • Or, maybe you could bring a hot cup of coffee and their favorite pastry on a Saturday morning while they are still fast asleep.

Tip #6 - Listening
  • Listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner!  

  • Put your phone down, move away from the technology, and seek to understand what your partner is communicating.

  • Practice daily active listening to hear your partner on a much deeper level. 

  • Be curious! Listening to your partner through the lens of curiosity helps them to feel more loved, valued, and cherished. 

We hope these six tips will help you and your partner stay more deeply connected and in love, or even fall back in love all over again. A Relationship Re-birth can be a beautiful thing!! 😊

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