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Discovering We're Like Our Parents May Not Be So Bad

Posted by Josh Gressel, Ph.D. on Dec 14, 2019 7:00:00 AM

How to cope with the realization that you may be like the parent who hurt you.

Are you like the person who most hurt you growing up?

Most of us carry some form of injury from one or both of our parents.  For some of us it’s on the more serious side of the continuum: We were physically abused, sexually molested, or seriously neglected.

For others, the injury was more subtle but left its mark nevertheless, taking root in our internal narrative and causing us to make internal oaths not to be like one or the other of our parents when we grow up and have children ourselves.

Our parents were either too strict or not strict enough, they overcontrolled us or didn’t seem to pay attention to what we needed, they lived in their own private world or tried to live their lives through us.

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Monthly Digest October 2019: Imago Relationships Blog and Relationship Tips

Posted by Imago Relationships North America on Nov 1, 2019 2:15:46 PM

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How to Talk to Your Teenager Today

Posted by Evie Shafner, LMFT on Oct 19, 2019 12:30:00 PM

As parents, we’re filled with a lot of anxiety about creating a good citizen of the world, of making sure they have social graces, are kind and behave well, are successful in school. Nowhere might this anxiety be felt as much as when they are teenagers, and we know we don’t have much time left to mold their beautiful little souls! So we might be correcting, evaluating, over-teaching, criticizing - all with good intention to launch a good kid.

But I think the most important goal of this stage is to talk and act in ways that keep them connected to you. Then, they’re going to turn to you when they need advice, and not just go to their friends, who don’t know much more than they do.  Here are some thoughts on how to facilitate that connection.

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Gender Identity and Sexual Identity - A Brave New World!

Posted by Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW on Sep 22, 2019 11:11:00 AM

There’s a brave new world for parents and therapists to navigate as they understand changing labels for teens regarding gender identity and sexual identity.  

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Healthy Relationships - 6 Steps to Create Harmony at Home

Posted by Imago Relationships North America on Jun 9, 2019 11:11:00 AM

What does the word Home mean to you? Does home equate to nurture or love? Is home filled with healthy relationships? Or, is it simply a permanent place where one resides?

We'd like to think of the word home as a place where we feel safe and can lay our head down after a long day at work. Home is a cozy place where we can cuddle up with our loved ones on the couch, where we can laugh and play games, or be nurtured when we are sick. Home is a place where relationships grow stronger! This type of home sounds amazing, right?

But, creating happy relationships can sometimes be difficult in our home environments. What if we don’t have a home as defined above? How do we create a place that truly brings joy, heals and nurtures us as well as our loved ones? Here are 6 tips on creating a home full of peace and harmony today.

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