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Family Fun Ideas and Activities - Imago Relationships North AmericaDo you have a happy family life?  Do you enjoy frequent family outings? Or, is it all work, chores, errands, kid’s activities, juggling hectic schedules and rushing through the weekends and Holidays?   

Are you and your partner connected and enjoying quality time together with frequent dates and mini getaways? Do you and your partner feel like priorities to one another?

If you're feeling like your family life and your romantic relationship isn't where you'd like it to be, let our tips help you turn it around. Start today! 

1. Begin a Digital Break to Spend Time Together

Separation can kill relationships, especially if you're too busy to put your partner and family first on the priority list. This can be especially painful for members during the Holiday season. 

So, when you're at home be mindful, stay present and take a digital and emotional break from anything that distracts you from your family and partner. So, phones, laptops and technology is put away for a bit. Simply focus on being present and connecting with your partner, your kids and creating joy into your family life. 

Here's a few activities to help you connect:
  • Play freeze dance to the music. Switch off who controls the start/stop of the music.

  • Plan something new and different to do together for this Holiday season. Is there a new play in town, or opening you've wanted to attend?

  • Play old school board games like Yahtzee, Monopoly, Checkers and Twister.

  • Do a 1000 piece puzzle together. Divide puzzle corners, center images and compete.

  • Plan and cook a meal together. Try something new and pick a theme for the night too!  

  • Pull out the old family movies, and cuddle up on the biggest bed and binge together as a family.

If you have to travel for work, make time for your partner and your kids by getting creative when you’re away. Send them a daily text message sharing what you love about them and why you love a specific characteristic they embody.

Set up a calendar request to FaceTime each other and connect while talking about their day, be sure to stay present and in the moment to only focus on them. Stay connected in any way you can to nurture and grow your most important relationships.

2. Enjoy Family Outings and Romantic Dates

Make the time to sync up the family calendar and put these fun events on everyone’s calendar, that way it’s more likely to happen without canceling or having other activities getting in the way.

Here's a few family outing ideas: 
  • Go see a play at the local theatre.

  • Take the kids to the snow, the beach, the lake or the mountains. Whatever your family loves! 

  • Take the kids to a museum or art opening.

  • Take the kids roller skating.

  • Go on a family hike and watch the seasons change.

  • Take the kids ice skating.

  • Play a sport together, like football, tennis, basketball or racquetball.   

Here's a few date days/nights ideas for partners:
  • Go get a couples massage. 

  • Volunteer together at an animal shelter.

  • Go for a drive on the coast, near the lake or in the woods. Or, just go for a drive to watch the lights of the holiday season. 

  • Take a dance class together. Each partner gets a turn picking their favorite dance to try. 

  • Meet up for coffee or lunch during your work day. 

  • Sign up for a cooking class together. Try different types of cuisine each time you sign up. 

  • Go to a drive-in movie. You might just feel young again :). 

The possibilities are endless for family outings and date nights. These tips can help you create a family environment that ensures love, joy, and laughter lives in your home. 

These tips can even heal, nurture and create new traditions for your loved ones. 

The important thing is to get creative and let all family members have a say in what you do and when you do it.

So, let the fun begin with your loved ones today!  

If you need a little help with having fun in your family, we are here to help. We have both in person therapy and online therapy for individuals, families and couples.

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