Monthly Digest August 2019: Imago Relationships Blog and Relationship Tips

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Monthly Digest August 2019: Imago Relationships Blog and Relationship Tips

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Tidying Up Your Relationship with Marie Kondo's Advice

Tidy up your Relationship - Imago Relationships North America

I caught the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo bug. Like so many, my family and I were enthralled by her Netflix series (now we have a garage full of giveaway bags). On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked her why she thought so many Americans were captivated by her show. “People want to unclutter their hearts,” she responded. You can watch the segment here.

The series goes into the homes of families who feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by their stuff. Like magic, Marie steps in and transforms their lives with the KonMari Method, not only tidying up their homes but their intimate relationships. As a marriage and family therapist and certified Imago therapist who specializes in couples, this caught my eye. Imago Therapy is a relational modality that focuses on intimate partnership.  [Read more...]


Tips on Self-Care for Mental Health & Wellness Professionals

Tips on Self-Care for Mental Health & Wellness Professionals - Imago Relationships North America

Some days our job can feel overwhelming.

Other days we feel the incredible blessings and upliftment of what we do. Sometimes those feelings happen within one day!

So, what can you do as a mental health & wellness professional when you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, tired, and wishing the next client might be a “no show”? [Read more...]



How Erotically Intelligent are You?

How Erotically Intelligent are You? - Imago Relationships North AmericaWhat does eroticism mean? The Center for Erotic Intelligence defines eroticism as “the interplay of desire and arousal with the daily challenges of living and loving,” and describes the five main elements of erotic intelligence as: Body attunement, Social intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Self-awareness on steroids and Creative imagination. 

Erotic Intelligence is a combination of body, mind, heart, and soul - a way to feel connected to our sense of full aliveness and potential.  [Read more...]


Tips on Adulting - Your Adult Brain vs. Your Toddler Brain

instaboyDid you ever notice that when you get triggered by your partner, you start blaming, denying, and defending? Or, even exhibiting tantrums? Well, as soon as you do, your partner meets you at that place and raises you.

It’s not your fault, this is a strong brain habit. So much so, the science says that being grabbed by this part of the brain takes less than a blink of the eye.

This reactive behavior is called our Toddler Brain, and if you’ve seen any toddlers in your life, you know why.  [Read more...]


Are You in a Relationship Dance?

Are You in a Relationship Dance? - Imago Relationships North America-1

Does it sometimes feel like you and your partner are doing a dance and stepping on each other’s toes? Are you feeling frustrated by your partner and getting in conflicts?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my partner doing things that make me so annoyed?" What you might be surprised to learn is that what annoys you about your partner actually says more about you than him.

The toxic relationship dance happens when old wounds get triggered. [Read more...]


Saying I'm Sorry the Right Way - 3 Tips

Saying Im Sorry the Right Way - 3 Tips - Imago Relationships North America

Ever wonder why some of your apologies fall flat and you’re not forgiven?

Ask yourself… Did you really own it? Or, did you do some of the following?

You focused on how awful you felt instead of the impact of your actions and how it might have hurt them. Saying, "I feel just awful..." shows no real responsibility because it’s all about you. [Read more...]


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