8 Tips for a Productive and Peaceful Home Office

Posted by Imago Relationships North America on October 23, 2019 at 7:00 AM

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Home Office Ideas - Tips to be Productive and PeacefulAre you one of the lucky ones that work out of a home office? Technology advances have made this more possible than ever and it can be a rewarding experience if done well. However, there are those with home offices that are more stressed-out than those who make the commute to work each day.  The big difference between the two is structure and guidelines.  

So, begin today to incorporate guidelines and structure to your home office to ensure it's peaceful and productive at the same time. 

  1. Structure - Get up early, eat a healthy nutrient-rich breakfast, drink your tea or coffee, shower and begin your work day just like the millions who commute to an office Monday – Friday. No lounging around, or sleeping in late. Stay structured about your start time and end times. 

  2. Separate Work Area - Be mindful about separating your home life from your work life. Letting them merge into the same environment can create stress for all in the house, and having a door to shut off the rest of the home is very helpful. It's most helpful to have a designed office area. 

  3. Working Hours - Be sure to establish your working hours with your family, clients and colleagues. Communicate proactively and effectively with your clients and colleagues as to when you are available. Let your family know the same. Be mindful and respectful of the impact on your family with your work, as it's their home and not work environment.  

  4. Productive Hours - Divide up your day and establish your most difficult tasks during your most productive time of the day. So, don’t do a challenging project when the kids are home or you’ve just eaten a big lunch. Make sure you tap into your body clock to allow for maximum focus.   

  5. Communication - Practice proactive and frequent communication with your colleagues, clients, and family to ensure your home office is working for all parties involved.  Adjust where and when needed to ensure you maintain the focus on peace and productivity.
  6. Take a Break – Walk away from your cell phone, computer and office to eat lunch and re-charge.  It's easy to try to work for a solid amount of time. But, your physical body and mind both need a break.  Walk outside, enjoy the green spaces and fresh air.  Enjoy the change of scenery and sounds of life.   

  7. Don't Isolate - It’s easy to stay home 24/7 when you have a home office. With the touch of our fingers, we can have groceries, personal and household items, as well as dinner delivered. So, why leave? Because, you can't go it alone in life. We all need human connection. So, get out daily and be mindful of maintaining your human connection. You might even feel recharged after connecting with a friend with increased creativity, peacefulness and higher energy. 

  8. Stop Working - Log off your computer and stop checking your cell phone after your deemed your off-hours. It's very easy to get caught up on the lack of boundaries and turn your home into a 24/7 workplace. The computer and phone are always accessible and one can make the mistake of feeling that they too must always be 100% accessible. Re-charge and go tech-free to clear your body and mind. You'll develop greater peace and productivity in the long run. 

Need more data about working from home? Check out this article with the 2-Year Stanford Study about just how productive working from home can be for us all. 

We hope these tips will help you become more peaceful and productive in your home office today! 

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