Self-Care Tips During a Crisis Situation

Posted by The Imago Center of Washington, DC on October 16, 2019 at 7:00 AM
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Self-Care Tips During a Crisis Situation - Imago Relationships North AmericaSelf-care refers to things done by you for your own well-being and comfort and is particularly important to help transition during times of crisis. Self-care can literally change your brain, making it less hospitable to depression and more welcoming to feelings of well-being.

Here are some tips to practice self-care during a crisis situation.

  1. First, do no harm - This is not the time to finish that argument with your spouse, lash out at anyone, or confront a colleague. Just wait.

  2. Let time do its job - Painful emotions are temporary because they pull us into a regressed state, we get deceived by the childhood feeling that “this is forever.”

  3. Ask for help - Even good parents get assistance for their children. Talk openly to trusted friends or to a therapist.  

  4. Take a warm bath and have a cup of chamomile tea- It’s a one-two punch.

  5. Dance with yourself - Put on your favorite dance song and move—large, active movements—even if you’re not in the mood. Watch what animals do after a fight or a scare. They shake it off. Dancing is a powerful way to shake off distress.

  6. Activate your self-soothing system - Gently patting your cheek with your hand or lightly rubbing your chest over your heart.

  7. Sit by a fireplace or outdoor fire-pit - Enjoy watching the flames and the warmth.

Take good care of yourself, be kind and gentle during this time. Please be sure to reach out if you need a little help. We're here with workshops, and therapy available. 

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