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Posted by Imago Relationships North America on January 28, 2020 at 3:34 PM

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Monthly Digest of Imago Relationship Blog posts and Relationship Tips for January 2020.

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9 Tips to Improve Your Relationship in 2020

9 Tips to Improve Your Relationship in 2020 - Imago North America

It’s a new year, and like many people, you may be making resolutions toward better health or improved habits for a better quality of life.

Here are a few suggestions for resolutions that will strengthen your relationship, and improve your connection to your partner.

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Does Your Relationship Need a Rebirth in 2020?

Does Your Relationship Need a Rebirth in 2020? - Imago Relationships North America

Nature is not the only place to notice rebirth and renewal. We associate the New Year with a fresh start and even a new birth. The new year is a time of expanding boundaries and openness, and since many people around us are equally excited so many things feel just right.

In nature, rebirth is most noticeable in spring. However, we can experience a rebirth in our relationships and a sense of personal identity at any time. We are ever-evolving in our approach to life and as we value changes (and especially as we increasingly value ourselves) our approach to existing and new relationships changes. A new identity and self-concept emerge and this is not static.

If you can reflect back ten years ago and count how many of the same people from that time remain in your life, how many are no longer there because of your personal growth? Or, maybe you’ve noticed that you would not likely select these people as your friends now and in your future.  

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Tips on Setting Relationship Goals Together in 2020!

Tips on Setting Relationship Goals Together in 2020! - Imago Relationships North America

Starting off the new year with goal setting together as a couple can change your relationship! 

Setting goals as a couple can prioritize your relationship by encouraging you and your partner to set aside time for what really matters - you as a couple. 

Goals also encourage regular communication, ensure you are on the same path, strengthen your connection, give you a reason to celebrate, focus on the positive and so much more!  

Here are some tips to help you down your path of goal setting with your partner

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Are You Saying Yes to Life?

Are You Saying Yes to Life? - Imago Relationships North America

Look more carefully at your default responses to life's invitations for growth.

My best guess is that 99% of you reading this will answer the question of this title in the affirmative.  Of course, I’m saying “yes” to life. Why wouldn’t I?

What I mean by this question can be clarified by some of the following additional questions:

  • When your spouse suggested therapy for you or for the two of you, did you say “yes, “no,” or only said “yes” after a long time and a lot of fights, or perhaps only when a threat of divorce left you feeling you had no choice?

  • When you were caught in misbehavior, large or small, did you own up to your deed easily, or try to defend your way out of it? 

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10 Relationship Tips for Happy Couples!

10 Relationship Tips for Happy Couples! - Imago Relationships North America

Enjoy these ten relationship tips that will carry you and your partner down the happy couple path!

Tip #1 - If you have something important you want to discuss with your spouse or partner, by asking Is now a good time to talk?”  will make a big difference.  Asking to talk in this way allows the other person a “heads up” that you'll want their undivided attention, that it's important to you, and you'll want them to really listen to you.  Asking to talk also shows you are respectful of their time, and not assuming they are always available on your time schedule. If your partner or spouse says no, it’s not a good time, it's important to accept their response and ask for an appointment within 24 hours when they can talk with you.

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Procrastination - Mind the Gap

Procrastination - Mind the Gap - Imago Relationships North America

Procrastination has become a dirty word in an economy built on productivity, product life cycles, and publication deadlines. We may admit we procrastinate in that flippant, self-deprecating way without filling in too many of the ugly details. 

Procrastinating on really big projects like fixing up the house makes sense or a dissertation. That is perfecting understandable, but when we’re struggling to clean the cat box, get our kid to the dentist, or change the oil in our car --- not so much.  

There's a lot of shame in these types of “it only takes 15 minutes” kind of obligations, yet ironically we probably aren’t too judgmental of others. 

I have a vision for my life. 

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