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Procrastination - Mind the Gap

Posted by Michelle Bohls, LMFT, EMDR, CGP on Jan 23, 2020 5:26:07 PM

Procrastination has become a dirty word in an economy built on productivity, product life cycles, and publication deadlines. We may admit we procrastinate in that flippant, self-deprecating way without filling in too many of the ugly details. 

Procrastinating on really big projects like fixing up the house makes sense or a dissertation. That is perfecting understandable, but when we’re struggling to clean the cat box, get our kid to the dentist, or change the oil in our car --- not so much. 

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Topics: Healthy Relationships, Self Care, Emotional Intelligence, Imago Relationships, Self Love, Self Esteem, personalgrowth

Are You Saying Yes to Life?

Posted by Josh Gressel, Ph.D. on Jan 16, 2020 4:12:20 PM

Look more carefully at your default responses to life's invitations for growth.

My best guess is that 99% of you reading this will answer the question of this title in the affirmative.  Of course, I’m saying “yes” to life. Why wouldn’t I?

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Topics: Healthy Relationships, Appreciation and Gratitude, Eliminating Negativity, Forgiveness, Healthy Connection, Healthy Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Imago Relationships, Emotional Connection, Defense Mechanisms, personalgrowth

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