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How to Manage Family Conflict - 4 Tips

How to Manage Family Conflict - 4 Tips - Imago Relationships North America

As the adults of the family, you and your partner set the tone for the home and the family. Children and young adults are simply observers who often model adult behavior. So, when there’s shouting or use of physically aggressive behavior as conflict resolution strategies, the children begin to adopt this as a way to resolve their conflict and disagreements as well.

It’s important to show your children and teens in the family that although conflicts will occur in life, there are different ways to diffuse the situation. Here are some tips to help.  [Read more...]


7 Signs of Serious Relationship Troubles

7 Signs of Serious Relationship Troubles - Imago Relationships North America

Most of us get uncomfortable thinking about ending any long term partnership. It’s super scary to leave a comfortable relationship even if it’s not fulfilling, even if we become unhappy or close to miserable. We stay in what we know. We don’t want to hurt another person.

Plus, it’s hard to move furniture. And change your whole life. Here are several ways to tell that your relationship might be headed for trouble (or really over).   [Read more...]


 Self-Care Tips During a Crisis Situation

Self-Care Tips During a Crisis Situation - Imago Relationships North America

Self-care refers to things done by you for your own well-being and comfort and is particularly important to help transition during times of crisis. Self-care can literally change your brain, making it less hospitable to depression and more welcoming to feelings of well-being. 

Here are some tips to practice self-care during a crisis situation.   [Read more...]


How to Talk to Your Teenager Today

How to Talk to Your Teenager Today - Imago Relationships North AmericaAs parents, we’re filled with a lot of anxiety about creating a good citizen of the world, of making sure they have social graces, are kind and behave well, are successful in school. Nowhere might this anxiety be felt as much as when they are teenagers, and we know we don’t have much time left to mold their beautiful little souls! So we might be correcting, evaluating, over-teaching, criticizing - all with good intention to launch a good kid.

But I think the most important goal of this stage is to talk and act in ways that keep them connected to you. Then, they’re going to turn to you when they need advice, and not just go to their friends, who don’t know much more than they do.  Here are some thoughts on how to facilitate that connection.  [Read more...]


8 Tips for a Productive and Peaceful Home Office

Home Office Ideas - Tips to be Productive and Peaceful

Are you one of the lucky ones that work out of a home office? Technology advances have made this more possible than ever and it can be a rewarding experience if done well. However, there are those with home offices that are more stressed-out than those who make the commute to work each day.  The big difference between the two is structure and guidelines.  

So, begin today to incorporate guidelines and structure to your home office to ensure it's peaceful and productive at the same time. [Read more...]


Are You Defensive in Your Relationship?

Are You Defensive in Your Relationship? - Imago Relationships North America

As an Imago Therapist, I often hear clients express their concerns about their partner's behaviors during moments of conflict. One partner might be fully bothered by the fact their partner seems to shut down, while another client might hate the fact their partner overreacts and takes things "the wrong way."

As one client recently summed it up, "The problem with my wife is, she’s too defensive! I say one thing and she acts like I just about killed her."  Interestingly, this man's wife saw the issue as her husband beginning to withdrawal again. As she puts it, "He never wants to talk. If I tell him I want to have a conversation he gives me the "Am I in trouble?" look and seems to slink away."

What's truly bothering each person in this relationship, is .......  [Read more...]

Romantic Halloween Date Nights - What to Do This Halloween


Do you think of Halloween as a romantic date night? Most of us don’t. We think about running to the store to purchase tons of candy to be gobbled up by our neighborhood children running around giggling from much too much sugar and yelling “trick or treat”.  This year, leave the pot of candy on your doorstep with a note saying “Take 2 Pieces” and enjoy some couple time! 

Here are some fun and romantic tips to make this Halloween all about you and your partner, as you try something new and different to connect more deeply. Let this year be an opportunity for you and your partner to begin to PLAY together again. Embrace your 10 year old selves to laugh and play the night away.  After all, a couple who plays together is taking the time to help their healthy relationship thrive!  [Read more...]

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