25 Relationship Experts Share Helpful Tips For Couples Moving In Together

Posted by Charlsie Niemiec on Mar 3, 2022 11:24:53 AM
Charlsie Niemiec

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  • Communication is the ultimate key when it comes to moving in together
  • Before deciding to cohabitate, proactively ask the hard questions of yourself and your partner
  • Make sure to foster an environment where the two of you can cultivate and create new traditions together

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'Tis the season for chocolate, champagne and beautiful bouquets — romance is in the air and Valentine's Day having just passed. If you and your significant other are thinking about moving in together, now might be a perfect time for the two of you to communicate what you're looking for as you take this next step.

We talked to 25 relationship experts about what they recommend couples should know and discuss before signing a lease together. Here's what they had to share and reveal about moving in with your significant other.

Accept disagreements

"Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship. Instead of fearing conflict, learn how to communicate more productively and healthily. It's important to focus on listening, mirroring, validating and empathizing," says Imago Relationships. "You and your partner can develop a closer and deeper relationship this way. Ultimately creating a healthier and happier home."


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