The Coronavirus and our Humanity.

Posted by Dr. Kerley Most, Ph.D., LPC on April 3, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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I have been watching the Coronavirus impact on the world around me. In my profession, I am always working to connect people with themselves and each other. From that perspective, some things about the Coronavirus outbreak have been interesting to me. The coronavirus reminds us that we are all members of the human race.  

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges the layers of "added" value we have placed on ourselves and others to consider who is important. The epidemic is sort of an instrument of equality. The virus does not care about gender, if we are famous, the type of car we have, or our level of education. Rather, it calls us to explore the simplicity of just being. Although we have tried to establish levels of difference, there is none. We are all human.

The coronavirus reminds us that we are more connected than we think.

The pandemic challenges the present worldwide movement toward caring only for our own interests. The way the virus is transmitted speaks to how connected we are. The Coronavirus is transmitted from body-to-body. In the same way, our one-on-one presence impacts others. Our behaviors of love or hatred have lingering worldwide impact. We are part of a whole.

For this reason, during this pandemic, we must claim our humanity and our connection by embracing many conscious behaviors of kindness.

  • Respect people's feelings 

Everyone experiences different levels of fear, anxiety during times of uncertainty. If we can respect the sentiments of all people in our lives, they will be more open to respecting ours.

Try to offer no judgment for feelings or reactions during this time. All people make sense if we stop long enough to listen.

  • Resist selfishness

Times like these call for us to embrace our humanity by breaking down the layers of differences we have created. Breaking down layers makes us connect with our vulnerability and the reality that we need each other.

Share your resources. If you do, others may do the same. Even if they do not, you respect your own humanity by caring.

  • Practice social presence

Experts encourage us to practice social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. We need to. Yet, we can practice social distancing while engaging in social presence. Smiling at people, looking at people with kind eyes, or acknowledging their presence is vital for our survival.

People around us are not a threat to our health, and they are humans who are also trying to stay healthy. Something beautiful happens when a person in our presence has their humanity acknowledged by actions of respect and kindness.

I am no Pollyanna; the present worldwide crisis is real.

I want to validate the feelings we may experience as we face uncertainty. Yet, It has been sobering to internalize my humanity and the fact that, independent of culture, race, or social status.

We are all connected. No exceptions. I want to infect the people I see with the contagious and powerful virus of love.

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 professional pictureThis blog post was written by  Dr. Kerley Most

Dr. Most is an integrative psychotherapist who facilitates experiences of body-mind-spirit wholeness for individuals and couples. She invests her energy to support and improve intentional connection for all types of relationships: romantic, family, workplace and social.  For this reason, in addition to individual and couples’ therapy, Dr. Most offers Imago relationship workshops and Imago groups for couples.

She is interested in racial healing and facilitates, bias awareness training and processes of racial connection for individuals and teams. Stress impacts our ability to connect, knowing that, Dr. Most provides stress management and resilience-building processes and training for teams working in local and international contexts. She dreams with her yes and heart open and is genuinely interested in developing therapeutic systems to promote safe and intentional connection and relationship healing in American society.

Dr. Most is an Advanced Certified Imago Relationships Clinician; she holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Clinical Supervision and Professional Counseling Licenses from DC and Maryland. She is in private practice in Washington DC. Dr. Most is in love and applies intentional and conscious connection in her 13 years marriage.

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